Новите комикси в продажба на 27ми март 2019

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Ето какво може да очаквате от основните американски комикс издателства на пазара тази сряда. Каталогът включва броеве на текущи поредици, сборници и колекционерски издания.

TP – Trade Paperback (Сборник), HC – Hardcover (Дебели Корици), AR – Ask your Retailer (Непотвърдени цени)

Marvel Comics

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Age Of X-Man The X-Tremists #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Rahzzah), $3.99
Age Of X-Man The X-Tremists #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Jenny Frison), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (Cover A Humberto Ramos), $3.99
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (Cover B Leinil Francis Yu Connecting Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (Cover C Ivan Shavrin), AR
Avengers No Road Home #7 (Of 10)(Cover A Yasmine Putri), $3.99
Avengers No Road Home #7 (Of 10)(Cover B Phil Noto Connecting Variant), AR
Black Panther #10 (Cover A Paolo Rivera & Daniel Acuna), $3.99
Black Panther #10 (Cover B Jen Bartel Spider-Man Villains Variant), AR
Black Widow #3, $3.99
Daredevil #3 (Cover A Julian Totino Tedesco), $3.99
Daredevil #3 (Cover B John Romita Jr. Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Daredevil #3 (Cover C Nao Fuji Cat Variant), AR
Doctor Strange #12 (Cover A Jesus Saiz), $3.99
Doctor Strange #12 (Cover B Greg Land Spider-Man Villains Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #8 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $3.99
Fantastic Four #8 (Cover B Bill Sienkiewicz), AR
Fantastic Four #8 (Cover C Humberto Ramos Spider-Man Villains Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #8 (Cover D Yongho Cho Marvel Mystery Variant), AR
Hulkverines #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Greg Land/Jay Leiste/Frank D’Armata), $4.99
Hulkverines #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Tony Moore), AR
Immortal Hulk #1 (James Bennett 4th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Incredible Hulk #181 (Facsimile Edition), $3.99
Invaders #3, $3.99
Ironheart #4, $3.99
Marvel Comics Presents #3 (Cover A Arthur Adams), $4.99
Marvel Comics Presents #3 (Cover B TBD), AR
Marvel Previews Volume 4 #21 (April 2019), $1.25
Marvel Rising #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Audrey Mok), $3.99
Marvel Rising #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Ron Lim), AR
Marvel Rising #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Peach Momoko), AR
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #41, $3.99
Mr. And Mrs. X #9, $3.99
Savage Sword Of Conan #1 (Ron Garney 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $4.99
Spider-Man Deadpool #48, $3.99
Spider-Man Far From Home Prelude #1 (Of 2), $3.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #30 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $3.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #30 (Cover B Adam Hughes Greatest Hits Variant), AR
Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Greg Smallwood), $3.99
Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Gerardo Sandoval), AR
Superior Spider-Man #4 (Cover A Travis Charest), $3.99
Superior Spider-Man #4 (Cover B Iban Coello Spider-Man Villains Variant), AR
War Of The Realms Magazine, AR
X-Force #5 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $3.99
X-Force #5 (Cover B Ryan Brown Spider-Man Villains Variant), AR

Asgardians Of The Galaxy Volume 1 Infinity Armada TP, $15.99
Cloak And Dagger Negative Exposure Marvel Premiere Graphic Novel TP, $19.99
Color Your Own Avengers Volume 2 Earth’s Mightiest Heroes TP, $9.99
Deadpool Minibus 3 HC, $75.00
Marvel Knights Fantastic Four By Aguirre-Sacasa McNiven And Muniz The Complete Collection Volume 1 TP, $39.99
Marvel Universe Super Heroes Museum Exhibit Guide TP, $34.99
Ms. Marvel Volume 10 Time And Again TP, $17.99
Secret Avengers By Rick Remender The Complete Collection TP, $34.99
Sgt. Fury Epic Collection Volume 1 The Howling Commandos TP, $39.99
Spider-Man New Ways To Live TP, $39.99
Thanos Wars Infinity Origin Omnibus HC (In-Hyuk Lee Book Market Cover), $100.00
Thanos Wars Infinity Origin Omnibus HC (Jim Starlin Direct Market Cover), $100.00
Weapon H Volume 2 War For Weirdworld TP, $17.99
What If? With Great Power TP, $17.99

DC Comics

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Action Comics #1009 (Cover A Steve Epting), $3.99
Action Comics #1009 (Cover B Francis Manapul), AR
Batgirl #33 (Cover A Emanuela Lupacchino & Mick Gray), $3.99
Batgirl #33 (Cover B Yasmine Putri), AR
Batman Beyond #30 (Cover A Chris Samnee), $3.99
Batman Beyond #30 (Cover B Ben Oliver), AR
Books Of Magic #6, $3.99
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover A Jim Lee & Scott Williams), $9.99
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover B Steve Rude 1930’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover C Bruce Timm 1940’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover D Michael Cho 1950’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover E Jim Steranko 1960’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover F Bernie Wrightson 1970’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover G Frank Miller 1980’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover H Tim Sale 1990’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover I Jock 2000’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover J Greg Capullo 2010’s Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover K Blank Variant), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Cover L Jim Lee & Scott Williams Midnight Release Variant), AR
Dial H For Hero #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Joe Quinones), $3.99
Dial H For Hero #1 (Of 6)(Cover B Nick Derington), AR
Flash #67 (Cover A Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona), $3.99
Flash #67 (Cover B Ryan Sook), AR
Freedom Fighters #4 (Of 12), $3.99
Goddess Mode #4, $3.99
Heroes In Crisis #7 (Of 9)(Cover A Clay Mann), $3.99
Heroes In Crisis #7 (Of 9)(Cover B Ryan Sook), AR
Hex Wives #6, $3.99
Justice League Odyssey #7 (Cover A Carmine Di Giandomenico), $3.99
Justice League Odyssey #7 (Cover B Toni Infante), AR
Looney Tunes #248, $2.99
Martian Manhunter #4 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo), $3.99
Martian Manhunter #4 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton), AR
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #47, $2.99
Shazam #4 (Cover A Dale Eaglesham), $3.99
Shazam #4 (Cover B Jim Lee Shazam Movie Variant), AR
Silencer #15, $3.99
Terrifics #14, $2.99
Wonder Woman #67 (Cover A Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson), $3.99
Wonder Woman #67 (Cover B Esteban Maroto), AR

Batgirl The Bronze Age Omnibus Volume 2 Hc, $99.99
Flash Volume 9 Reckoning Of The Forces TP, $16.99
Harley Quinn Volume 2 Harley Destroys The Universe TP, $16.99
Mera Tidebreaker TP, $16.99
Sandman Omnibus Volume 3 HC, $150.00
Super Sons Volume 1 The Polarshield Project TP, $9.99

Image Comics

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Black Science #39 (Cover A Matteo Scalera), $3.99
Black Science #39 (Cover B Kevin Maguire), $3.99
Hardcore #4, $3.99
Ice Cream Man #11 (Cover A Chris O’Halloran & Martín Morazzo), $3.99
Ice Cream Man #11 (Cover B Babs Tarr), $3.99
Isola #7 (Cover A Karl Kerschl), $3.99
Isola #7 (Cover B Sarah Stone), $3.99
Man-Eaters #7 (Cover A Lia Miternique), $3.99
Man-Eaters #7 (Cover B Lia Miternique), $3.99
Outcast By Kirkman And Azaceta #40, $3.99
Realm #12 (Cover A Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi), $3.99
Realm #12 (Cover B John Lucas & Nick Filardi), $3.99
Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Simone Bianchi), $3.99
Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Simone Bianchi Sketch Variant), $3.99
Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Skottie Young), $3.99
Skyward #11, $3.99
Snotgirl #13 (Cover A Leslie Hung), $3.99
Snotgirl #13 (Cover B Bryan Lee O’Malley), $3.99
Spawn #295 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $2.99
Spawn #295 (Cover B Francesco Mattina Virgin Variant), $2.99
Spawn #295 (Cover C Todd McFarlane & Francesco Mattina Black & White Variant), $2.99

Barrier Limited Edition Slipcase (Empty Slipcase), $10.00
Barrier Limited Edition Slipcase Set (Volumes 1-5), $29.99
Regression Volume 3 TP, $16.99

IDW Publishing

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
30 Days Of Night 100-Page Giant #1 (Cover A Justin Randall), $4.99
Disney Comics And Stories #4 (Cover A Paolo Campinoti), $5.99
DuckTales #19 (Cover A Marco Ghiglione), $3.99
DuckTales #19 (Cover B Marco Ghiglione), $3.99
DuckTales #19 (Cover C DuckTales Creative Team), AR
G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte #2 (Cover A Michel Fiffe), $4.99
G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte #2 (Cover B Michel Fiffe Triptych Variant), $4.99
G.I. Joe Sierra Muerte #2 (Cover C Vasilis Lolos), AR
GLOW #1 (Cover A Hannah Templer), $3.99
GLOW #1 (Cover B Nicoletta Baldari), AR
GLOW #1 (Cover C Jenn St-Onge), AR
GLOW #1 (Cover D Paulina Ganucheau Glitter & Foil Variant), AR
Go-Bots #5 (Cover A Tom Scioli), $3.99
Go-Bots #5 (Cover B Dash Shaw), $3.99
Go-Bots #5 (Cover C Ryan Brown), AR
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4 The Tempest #5 (Cover A Kevin O’Neill), $4.99
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4 The Tempest #5 (Cover B Kevin O’Neill), AR
Punks Not Dead London Calling #2 (Cover A Martin Simmonds), $3.99
Rick And Morty Vs Dungeons And Dragons #1 (Of 4)(Director’s Cut)(Cover A Alex Cormack), $4.99
Star Wars Adventures #19 (Cover A Mauricet), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #19 (Cover B Nick Brokenshire), $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #19 (Cover C Valentina Pinto), AR
Synergy A Hasbro Creators Showcase #1 (Cover A Various), $7.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #11 (Cover A Frank Fosco), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #11 (Cover B Frank Fosco & Erik Larsen), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends #11 (Cover C Kevin Eastman), AR
Transformers #2 (Cover A Nelson Daniel), $3.99
Transformers #2 (Cover B Ron Joseph), $3.99
Transformers #2 (Cover C Jeffrey Veregge), AR

Femme Magnifique 10 Magnificent Women Who Changed The World TP, $4.99
Star Wars Solo GN, $9.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1 TP, $9.99
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck The Daily Newspaper Comics Volume 5 1948-1950 HC, $39.99

Dark Horse Comics

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Bad Luck Chuck #1 (Of 4), $3.99
Black Hammer Age Of Doom #9 (Cover A Dean Ormston), $3.99
Black Hammer Age Of Doom #9 (Cover B Sanford Greene), $3.99
Crimson Lotus #5 (Of 5), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #3 (Cover A David Mack), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #3 (Cover B Colleen Coover), $3.99
Fight Club 3 #3 (Cover C Eric Wilkerson), $3.99
Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1956 #5 (Of 5), $3.99
Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #6 (Cover A Gabriel Ba), $3.99
Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #6 (Cover B Gabriel Ba), $3.99
William Gibson’s Alien 3 #5 (Cover A Johnnie Christmas), $3.99
William Gibson’s Alien 3 #5 (Cover B Christian Ward), $3.99

Disney Dumbo Friends In High Places TP, $10.99
Dragon Age Deception HC, $14.99
House Of Penance Library Edition HC, $34.99
Jurassic World Adult Coloring Book TP, $14.99
Mask Omnibus Volume 1 TP (2nd Edition), $24.99
Middle-Earth Journeys In Myth And Legend HC, $39.99
Mind MGMT Omnibus Volume 1 The Manager And The Futurist Part 1 TP, $24.99
War Bears HC, $19.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover A Christian Ward), $3.99
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover B Paulina Ganucheau), $3.99
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover C Caspar Wijngaard), $3.99
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover D Caspar Wijngaard Virgin Variant), AR
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover E Christian Ward Virgin Variant), AR
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #3 (Cover F Paulina Ganucheau Virgin Variant), AR

Charlie’s Angels Volume 1 TP, $19.99
Red Sonja The Ballad Of The Red Goddess HC, $19.99
Sheena Queen Of The Jungle Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Will Eisner’s The Spirit The Corpse Makers HC (Francesco Francavilla Signed & Remarked Edition), $75.00

BOOM! Studios

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Adventure Time Season 11 #6 (Cover A Jorge Corona), $3.99
Adventure Time Season 11 #6 (Cover B Julie Benbassat), $3.99
Adventure Time Season 11 #6 (Cover C A.C. Esguerra), AR
Avant-Guards #3 (Of 12)(Cover A Noah Hayes), $3.99
Avant-Guards #3 (Of 12)(Cover B Cara McGee), $3.99
Bone Parish #8 (Of 12)(Cover A Rod Reis), $3.99
Bone Parish #8 (Of 12)(Cover B Jakub Rebelka), AR
Coda #10 (Of 12)(Cover A Matias Bergara), $3.99
Coda #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Flaviano), $3.99
Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal #8 (Of 12)(Cover A Benjamin Dewey), $3.99
Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal #8 (Of 12)(Cover B David Petersen), $3.99
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Coronation #12 (Of 12)(Cover A Fiona Staples), $3.99
Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Coronation #12 (Of 12)(Cover B Cory Godbey), $3.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37 (Cover A Jamal Campbell), $3.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37 (Cover B Sean Galloway Vintage Variant), $3.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37 (Cover C Xermanico Zord Spotlight Variant), AR
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37 (Cover D Miguel Mercado), AR
WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Special #1 (Cover A Rahzzah), $7.99
WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Special #1 (Cover B Xermanico Undertaker Wrestlemania 100 Variant), $7.99
WWE Wrestlemania 2019 Special #1 (Cover C Marco D’Alfonso Ronda Rousey Vs Alexa Bliss Variant), AR

Coda Volume 1 TP, $9.99
Lumberjanes Volume 11 Time After Crime TP, $14.99
Planet Of The Apes When Worlds Collide SC, $14.99
Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal Volume 1 HC, $24.99

Valiant Entertainment

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Bloodshot Rising Spirit #5 (Cover A Felipe Massafera), $3.99
Bloodshot Rising Spirit #5 (Cover B Cully Hamner), $3.99
Bloodshot Rising Spirit #5 (Cover C Larry Strohman), $3.99
Bloodshot Rising Spirit #5 (Cover D Ken Lashley Pre-Order Edition Variant), AR
Forgotten Queen #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Kano), $3.99
Forgotten Queen #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Viktor Kalvachev), $3.99
Forgotten Queen #2 (Of 4)(Cover C Mirka Andolfo), $3.99
Forgotten Queen #2 (Of 4)(Cover D Amilcar Pinna Pre-Order Edition Variant), AR


Zenescope Entertainment

Единични броеве и алтернативни корици:
Grimm Fairy Tales #26 (Cover A Geebo Vigonte), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #26 (Cover B Canaan White), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #26 (Cover C Derlis Santacruz), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #26 (Cover D Edgar Salazar), $3.99
Zodiac #2 (Cover A Sean Chen), $4.99
Zodiac #2 (Cover B Edgar Salazar), $4.99
Zodiac #2 (Cover C Meguro), $4.99
Zodiac #2 (Cover D Allan Otero), $4.99

Paradise Court HC, $24.99

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